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Export Agents & Representatives

If you are looking to develop business overseas but have limited time and resources; limited time and resources that are difficult to divert from developing a flourishing domestic business, why not operate all or some of your export related activities through export agents and representatives? Business development is difficult enough in a familiar home market, but overseas you can multiply the degree of difficulty many times over.

Primus Export Resources will act as export agents searching out and developing new business opportunities. Over 20 years of export experience, right across the world, in culturally and linguistically diverse markets, has given us the necessary know-how and expertise to navigate the pitfalls of export trade.

Equally, we can act as representatives to ensure overseas customers have clear and efficient points of contact; we can assist with logistics issues, represent you at overseas trade fairs. We will work across all your export markets or operate only in specific territories and product groups. Our representative service can be adapted to suit your specific needs, which can be on-going or one-off, ad hoc assignments.

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